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12 Renter Friendly Apartment Upgrades

Renting is super convenient and cheaper than buying a house. However, with renting comes restrictions. Often, we feel we can’t decorate or add any of our own personality to our living space as it belongs to someone else and we are only borrowing it. Today, we are going to go over a few ideas on how you can temporarily upgrade your apartment to match your style without damaging anything so you can still get your security deposit back! 


If you have a TikTok account, go check out @beingthebloom. She has dedicated her own home to find the best renter friendly upgrades! She has a link in her bio to amazon finds so it’s super easy to get what she is showing off!


I want to start off with a few reminders:

  • Any holes larger than a hole punch will be charged $3. 

  • Don’t use wall stickers or anything that could leave serious damage on the walls or other surfaces. 

  • Do not paint your walls.


Frame Wall

  • Pick one wall and fill it from top to bottom with frames!

  • If you aren’t sure what to frame, here are a few ideas:

    • Print out the pictures of the sunset that are just waiting to be appreciated in the back of your camera roll. 

    • Hang pictures of friends and family. 

    • Find your favorite wallpaper and hang a piece of that. This way you get to show off your favorite wallpaper and get your security deposit back too!




  • At Mesa Falls, all of our closets are open. I have seen some people close them by fitting an extendable shower rod in the top of the archway and hanging curtains from there. Not only will this give your closet more privacy, but it will extend the height of your room.





  • I am a huge advocate for rugs, and they’re probably the easiest way to personalize your space. Not to mention, they’re so accessible. Order some on Amazon, buy one at Walmart, or go to your favorite department store. You can find so many styles, you’re bound to find something you like. The best find is getting a set of rugs. Put the largest in your living room, and the other two in your kitchen and laundry room. Tie your whole apartment together with three simple rugs. 


Room Separator

  • A lot of people will use one room for multiple purposes. Whether it’s a dining area and an office, or a playroom and a library, there are many areas that can be split in two. Use a room separator to designate your spaces.  

  • This could be made with duct tape and cardboard if you like to DIY!




  • Our Mesa Falls apartments have a lot of natural light, but alas, there are always going to be a few dark spots in every living area. Get some lamps to brighten up the dark spaces. Even better, get multiple lamps of different heights. Layering your light will add a lovely hue to the room rather than any harsh light from the fixture in the middle of the ceiling. 


  • Add a fresh pop to your bathroom by changing up the decorations. Start with your shower curtain. If that doesn’t give new life to your bathroom, change up the color scheme. Again, get some rugs! Bathroom rugs and a toilet seat cover definitely add a level of high-style living to your apartment. Check out our blog about bathroom organization for more upgrade ideas! 

    • New Shower Head

  • Some of us like a lot of water pressure and some of us like less. Unfortunately, shower heads in your rental are usually a “one pressure fits all’’ sort of thing. You can go to Walmart and get a new shower head for about $25! Untwist your current shower head and switch them out super easily. 

  • DON’T THROW AWAY THE ORIGINAL! Remember, you are borrowing the property, and that shower head is part of it. Don’t throw away anything that comes with the apartment. Plus, when you leave, you can switch them back out and take your new one with you. 



Plants get their own section because they can go anywhere! Add plants to your walls, large shrubs to your floors, small succulents to your shelves or counters, and all kinds of plants to your patio. Make sure each of your plants has something underneath to catch any water that filters out the bottom. That way, you won’t be damaging your surfaces. 

If you love the way plants brighten up a space, but have a brown thumb like me, consider getting some fake plants or plants that don’t need to be watered a lot. Cacti, succulents, and bamboo plants among others only need to be watered occasionally. Consider researching a few different fake plants and find your style!


All in all, there are so many ways to decorate your apartment while still managing to take your security deposit with you. Here at Mesa Falls, we want you to love your space and make it yours! Just remember that you are borrowing the property for the time that you’re here. 

If you take any of these suggestions or have others, let us know! Email us at [email protected] or message us on Instagram or Facebook. We love to see the creativity of our residents.


I want to give a shout out to Breanna for winning our pumpkin painting contest! Look how cute her pumpkin is!