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Organizing Your Rexburg Apartment: Bathroom Edition

When it comes to living in an apartment, you have to make due with the space you have. I have always found I have more items to put in my bathroom than space to utilize. However, when things are organized, there always seems to be more space. Here are a few tips to keep your bathroom organized to maximize your space!

#1. Everything has a spot. 
The first rule of organization is that everything has a spot. You pick it up from its spot and replace it to its spot. This rule is the enemy of clutter, and it ends the worry of not having somewhere for it to go!

#2. Shower
Your shower can change the entire feel of your bathroom when the curtain is left open. If your shower is cluttered and dirty, the rest of the room feels cluttered and dirty. However, if it's organized and clean, the rest of the room matches. Using the edges of the shower is the most convenient way to keep your items close. Nevertheless, it doesn't look too nice and can cause a hurdle when stepping into or out of the shower. Plus, it's so easy to knock things over. Instead, add some extra storage to your shower with either a shower caddy or some shelving with suction cups. Place everything on your shelves from tallest in the back to shortest in the front for easier accessibility. 

#3. Extra Shelving
When you don't have enough space in any room, often our immediate thought is "It's too small and I need something bigger." In reality, we just need more storage space. That is very easily done by adding some extra shelving. An easy way to add extra shelving in your bathroom is to get over-the-toilet storage. Use baskets to keep the space organized and looking neat. Use this area for things like toilet paper, extra towels, or hair tools. 

#4. Keep your bathroom items at a minimum. 
Believe it or not, there are quite a few "bathroom items" that shouldn't be kept in your bathroom. Due to the humidity, lack of ventilation, and light, the following items could dry out, age quicker, or the chemical composition could change: makeup, perfume & cologne, facial moisturizers, creams, serums, sunscreen, medicines, and cleaning supplies. Keep these items in a cool, dry, dark place like a pantry or closet. Use a small tote to keep necessary things portable and organized. 

#5. Vanity
Your vanity is one of the first things you see when entering your bathroom, so of course you don't want it to be cluttered. How can we keep that from happening?

#5a. Counter
Let's start from the top. Keep only the essentials on your vanity: hand soap, hand lotion, hand towel. If you have other items you prefer to keep on your counter, that's totally fine! Just give yourself a maximum of 5-6 small items, and remember to give them all a spot on the vanity. It often helps to buy a vanity set that comes with jars for each item. Fill the jars and place them neatly. If you don't want to buy a vanity set, consider finding matching containers around your house and use those instead. 
#5b. Drawers
Drawers can get cluttered so quickly! What can we do about it? Get some drawer separators. They are a great way to designate spaces. If you don't want to pay for something that's hidden away, you could use cardboard from moving boxes or cereal boxes. Keep them looking nice by painting them or covering them in washi tape. 

#5c. Under the sink
There is so much space under the sink, but once you start adding things, the space seems to dissipate. Consider buying plastic drawers or some baskets to designate and stack the space. 

#6. Style
Keep your bathroom looking modern by having a theme to your bathroom. Whether it's beach, forest, superhero, or even a color scheme, coordinating the room honestly makes everything look more put together. If you keep things on your vanity counter, consider using matching containers. 
Just remember: extra shelving saves lives, organize with separators and baskets, and give everything a spot! Live by that rule and once something is organized, it will stay that way. Make sure to communicate your organization with any roommates you have. This way, you can all help each other to keep an uncluttered space. 
If you use any of these tips, send us a picture or video on Facebook or Instagram! We love to see our residents' hard work!