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What Your Leasing Agent Wants You to Ask on Tour

Getting into a new apartment can be stressful. There are so many options in the area, and they all have different policies and regulations and amenities and fees. All of these things can be difficult to navigate.  As leasing agents, we strive to provide you with the best possible transition experience. That is why we have a model apartment always open and available for tours. Tours open a space for you to ask in-person questions and achieve understanding. We want to make that space as effective as possible.  So, what are the questions your leasing agent wants you to ask on tour? Well, let’s talk about that.  

1. How does maintenance work here?  
The maintenance personal are essential for an apartment complex to function. Often, it is never explained to tenants how they can contact the maintenance technicians, how they submit maintenance requests, or whether they need to pay for maintenance assistance. Some apartments will charge you for every maintenance request. Others require that you submit requests only online. You need to know how to get the help that you need. So, ask.  

Our maintenance staff here at Mesa Falls are available 24/7. They strive every day to establish a reputation for completing your needs promptly.

2. What utilities are included?
This one seems obvious, but many visitors forget to ask and then come into the office on their move-in day and can’t get their keys because they haven’t set up their gas or electric accounts. Ask what you are responsible for as a tenant. Ask what is included in your rent. Ask what the average price for those utilities is per month. Then remember to call the relevant parties and get those account numbers.  

Gas and electricity are the only utilities that residents pay here at Mesa Falls.

3. What are the fees that I need to be aware of?
Have you ever been in a situation where you forgot to read the fine print and now you owe someone more money than you thought you did? No one likes to be in that situation. That is a miserable situation. Don’t get sideswiped! Ask for detailed information on the fees through the application and move-in day. Believe me, you won’t regret asking money questions.  

We do our best to be completely open and honest with our customers and residents about our fees. Our fees are listed on the online application forms. If you want more information, give us a call.

4. What are the pet policies? 
Even if your pet is an ESA and you know that they should be allowed in the apartment with you, there are still policies. Apartment complexes always have pet policies and requirements for pets. Ask for details about what is allowed and what is required. Also, ask about whether or not your pet needs a leash when walking the property. No one wants to go through the process of getting an apartment just to find out last second that Fluffy is not allowed in the apartment. Protect Fluffy. Ask the question.  

Our pet policy can be found on our website. We welcome both dogs and cats with some breed restrictions for dogs.

5. Where can I go to write a review? "Because you were so great and you answered all of my questions and I just loved being here and taking this tour! I want to tell all my friends and let them know how beautiful this apartment is!"  

Ok so maybe this one is a little biased but as leasing agents we want you to find a beautiful, wonderful place to live. Everyone deserves to be somewhere they feel at home. It’s our job to help you find that place.