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What to do in Rexburg (Outside)

Don’t know what to do during the winter months? Now is the perfect time to go outside and enjoy the beauty. Below is a list of ideas to do during the winter.


#1 Grand Targhee

Grand Targhee | Teton Valley Realty

Ever been snowboarding or skiing? Grand Targhee Resort is a 1 hour drive from Rexburg. This resort is known for its snow and luxurious lodging. Click the link below to visit their website.

Grand Targhee Website


#2 Sledding at the Dunes

5 Things to do in Rexburg This Winter - The Village

Saint Anthony dunes is known for its summer-time fun, but can also be sledding mania during the winter! For more information about the dunes use the link below.
Saint Anthony Dunes


#3 Coca Lodge

May be an image of text that says 'COCOA LODGE ESTABLISHED IN 2013'

Eat, drink and stay warm this winter with hot chocolate from Cocoa Lodge! This local shop has multiple flavors of hot chocolate. For more flavors check their website.


#4 Ice Palace

Ice Palace | LaBelle Lake

Want to enjoy the cold weather? The LaBelle Lake has their annual Ice Palace attraction that opens December 17th, 2022. Through their website you’re able to see the attractions they offer and the pricing. Enjoy the beauty of winter with Ice Palace.

Ice Palace