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Travel Guide: Best Destinations Near Mesa Falls Apartments

Best Destinations Near Mesa Falls Apartments

Not only is Idaho full of great apartment complexes - it has stunning scenery as well. While living in Rexburg, taking advantage of the serene destinations in the area is beyond worth it. Here are four different types of places to venture to outside of Rexburg if you're in the mood explore. 

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Soak in Hot Springs

Almost nothing feels better than sitting back and relaxing in a hot tub. In Idaho, we have something even better. Hot Springs are a unique golden gem in Idaho. While nearly every state has hundreds of hot tubs, not many states have natural crystal clear hot springs like the ones near Rexburg. 


If you don’t want to travel too far from Rexburg, Heise Hot Springs or Green Canyon Hot Springs will be your first choice. If you’re up for traveling a bit more, Goldbug Hot Springs and Lava Hot Springs are an incredible place to visit. Goldbug is a moderate hike, but the views from the geysers at the top are worth the trek.

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Spend a Day at Jackson Hole 

Although some believe Jackson Hole is a tourist attraction, it contains some of the most striking views and scenic byways in the state. Jackson Hole is a rustic Mountain town just one hour and 30 minutes away from Rexburg. Jackson Hole has a large array of resorts, fun attractions, and dozens of quaint vintage shops.


If you enjoy shopping or fun attractions, Jackson Hole is the place to visit. The Town Square includes awesome restaurants, gift shops, clothing boutiques, and crystal shops. With Snow King Mountain Resort and Grand Targhee Resort, you can go skiing, snowboarding, and tubing. If you’re not keen on winter sports, enjoy some small rides, like the Mountain Coaster, a maze, mini golf, an Alpine slide, chairlift ride, a ropes course, and more. 

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Hiking Galore

You can’t fully experience the glory of Idaho without taking a few hikes. With our location you are down the road from some popular hiking trails for all levels of hikers. Big fan of waterfalls? Mesa Falls is located 16 miles from us; enjoy a mild stroll down to see an incredible view! More into the underground? Be sure to check out the Civil Defense Caves. These are refreshingly cold caves that could potentially embark the most unadventurous person into the tunnels carved from lava. Other examples of hikes include Cress Creek, Nature Park, Palisades, and more.


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Yellowstone Attractions

Yellowstone National Park is less than two hours away from Rexburg. You’ve probably heard of Old Faithful, the gushing geyser that attracts us all. Not only do you have the amazing views of geysers, canyons, and soaring mountains, if you are lucky, these scenic views become the backdrop for bison, moose, elk, and other roaming wildlife. 


If you aren’t looking to roam as far as the bison, we are right down the road from Yellowstone Bear World. Bear World contains over 100 wild animals for tourists to see up close and personal. Getting the best of both worlds with adventurous wildlife and tourist gift shops!


Where Will You Go First?

As much as the small city vibe of Rexburg has a lot to offer, you can find other exciting scenic locations in a lot of other nearby areas. Tell us about where and how your experience was. Although some of us aren’t the most adventurous people, Idaho seems to bring out some of the best adventurous tendencies. So while living here, love where you live locally and down the road.