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Top 5 Restaurants in Rexburg, Idaho

Rexburg is full of different places to eat. There’s the go-to fast food chains like McDonalds and Wendys, or Applebees for a familiar sit-down restaurant. However, there is so much more our little city has to offer. Such unique spots that are hard to find anywhere else. 
We love going out to eat and have developed a list of our 5 favorite sit-down restaurants. Listed from #5 to #1 here’s what they are and why: 

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#5: Red 8
Red 8 opened up last year, and we have really loved going there. The portions are very big and can last for another meal depending on how hungry you are. They have a wide variety of sushi options, and we love the Yellowstone roll. It was the first one we tried, and it has remained our favorite, despite the other options being very tasty. The environment is pretty quiet and the food gets to you quickly. Our favorites are the sweet and sour chicken or the orange chicken with either the miso soup or egg drop soup.
There is a lot of teamwork at Red 8, with multiple servers helping with getting you the best experience. One person may bring you your food while another refills your drink. The service is very quick! Although, your entrees may come out at different times.  
Despite this one downside, it is a great choice for your next meal, and the prices are very reasonable. With how much food you get, you’ll be paying less than you would at Applebees!

Big Jud's Meridian (East Overland Road) Menu, Prices, Delivery - DoorDash
#4: Big Juds
Big Juds is a staple in this area. Not only is it a locally owned restaurant, but the Ashton location was featured on Man Versus Food a few years back. They have their Big Juds Challenge. If you complete a 2 pound burger with all the toppings, a side of fries, and a drink within 30 minutes, you get the meal for free!
Not only do they have a famous challenge, but they have fantastically crafted burgers, ice creams, milkshakes, and don’t forget about their tater tots and onion rings! I love tater tots, and they definitely have the best ones around. Everything from a Swiss Mushroom burger to a Hawaiian burger with a pineapple ring, you’ll never find such delicious and beautifully crafted hamburgers again!
The environment here is very upbeat and makes for a great place to have dinner with friends and family. Make sure to save room for some dessert!

128-year-old store in Archer opens under new ownership after major facelift  - East Idaho News
#3: White Sparrow
White Sparrow is a unique little spot out in Archer. Less than a 10 minute drive, you find a cute little country store attached to a bakery. They make all kinds of pies! Both sweet and savory. They are small enough for one serving, but you could definitely share one if you’re just wanting a treat. Every time we go, we each get one for dinner and one for dessert. It’s very hard to decide on just one! They also have ice cream to go along with your hot pie. White Sparrow has never been packed when I’ve gone, which makes it a perfect little spot to enjoy your food and take a gander around the country store before you go. 
My favorite sweet pie is their Nutella and Strawberries. It’s the perfect combination of fruity and chocolatey! The top savory pie on my list is their Mamacita. I love their chicken and salsa. So tasty!

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#2: Red Rabbit Grill
Red Rabbit Grill is very much a hole in the wall. Across from Broulims, you would usually think of the escape rooms and Dominoes, but Red Rabbit Grill is right there along with it all. They have an array of burgers on Brioche buns, which somehow makes them 10 times better. They serve 5 different kinds of fries. You can get a sample of each from the Spud Sampler, but beware, it’s half a cookie sheet full, so either bring a bunch of friends, or take the leftovers to heat up in your air fryer later. 
The ambience here is comfortable and friendly. They have booths all over along with some tables on one half of the restaurant. There’s also a cute little alcove that would be perfect for a private dinner. 
Our top choices are the garlic parmesan sandwich and the Honey Crisp Chicken Sandwich. We also really like their flavored lemonades and sodas. You can mix flavors and have something even tastier! The house salads are fantastic as well. I have a very hard time stopping when I am full every time I come here. It’s too good!

KINGDOM OF PHO - 55 Photos & 35 Reviews - 26 E Main St, Rexburg, Idaho -  Vietnamese - Restaurant Reviews - Phone Number - Yelp
#1: Kingdom of Pho
Personally, I think Kingdom of Pho is the best restaurant in town. From the food to the service, there’s nothing better. The food is phenomenal and unique in our area. It took me my whole life to try a boa bun because I couldn’t find it anywhere else! They are fantastic by the way. The pho is very savory with a splash of mint. The rice bowls are so good, you can’t stop. 
A lovely stroll down main street lands you right in front of Kingdom of Pho, which only opened in a building a few months ago. There are billowing curtains hanging from the ceiling. The art and bamboo dividers describe the authenticity of the Vietnamese cuisine. The owner is hands on and will be serving food, cleaning tables, sweeping, and is always happy to stop and chat with his customers. 
What really makes Kingdom of Pho the best restaurant in town is the combination of fantastic food and fantastic service. The servers are kind, quick, and welcoming. The food is incredible. The ambience is stunning. Truly, nothing else can top it.
The customer is always right in terms of taste. These are my top 5 restaurants in Rexburg. If you feel there is something better to top these, please, let us know! Send us an email or leave a comment. We are always excited to try new restaurants here in Rexburg. Let us know your favorite.