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Restaurants near Mesa Falls Apartments

Rexburg looks like a small town. It sounds like a small town. It also feels like a small town. But then where did all the restaurants come from? Rexburg is a smorgasbord of flavors and culture from around the world. This is surprising considering the population is barely over 28,000. You could expect a plethora of cuisines in a bigger city, but to find this kind of variety here is just a treat. Mesa Falls apartments are just a couple of blocks away from these amazing restaurants. Here is a list of our favorites.

Red Rabbit Grill – Minutes from Mesa Falls: 7
American. Hamburgers. Salads. Mini cakes. Can’t get more classic than that. Red Rabbit Grill has dine-in service as well as carry out.

Fresco – Minutes from Mesa Falls: 3
Absolutely one of our favorite restaurants. Fresco serves pizza, pasta, and salads but what they are really known for is their lemonade. Any flavor of lemonade you can think of you can get at Fresco.

Righteous Slice – Minutes from Mesa Falls: 5
Pizza, real pizza, made from a classic Italian style wood-fired oven. Righteous Slice provides a dine-in experience for the whole family. Your pizza is cooked in 90 seconds right in front of you.

Original Thai – Minutes from Mesa Falls: 7
Website: Not available
Located on Main Street, Original Thai serves classic Thai food with traditional spices and flavors. Original Thai has dine-in space, but they also have a take-out service.

Taqueria El Rancho – Minutes from Mesa Falls: 4
Website: Not available
Also, known as the Taco Bus, has several locations in Rexburg. There are two buses and one restaurant. There is something special about being served authentic delicious tacos from a bus.

Kainoa's Hawaiian Grill – Minutes from Mesa Falls: 5
New to the Rexburg area, Kainoa’s serves authentic Hawaiian food from misoy chicken to kalua pork. They have a drive-thru service as well as delivery and dine-in.

The variety in Rexburg is something to celebrate. All of the amazing restaurants are less than 10 minutes from Mesa Falls. If you are interested in living close to these amazing options, stop by our office today for a tour!