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Organizing Your Rexburg Apartment Pantry!

Organizing Your Rexburg Apartment Pantry! 


I think everyone’s ideal goal to live their best life is organization. Keeping your space neat & organized, helps your space feel more like a home. The one thing that tends to get the most unorganized is the pantry! Here are a few ways to optimize your pantry & stay organized.


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Small Spaces Can Still Mean More Room


When renting, finding the perfect pantry space isn’t always easy. A key factor to creating this organization is imagining what could be used as an additional space if there is lack thereof. Say you have a washer & dryer room that is connected to your kitchen & not much cabinet space. Save the cabinet space for your pans, dishes, & cutlery. Create your own pantry space by adding a shelving unit that fits in a space you desire. Adding this will help create the even balance of optimizing as much space as possible without overcrowding your kitchen. Another great thing is hanging plants, pots, or utensils instead of resting them on countertops. By using a renter friendly hanging device, you will be able to keep your cooking area cleared & within reach. 


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Double The Size of Your Pantry


Say when you put the oreos in the pantry & it just does not give the appeal you were looking for. Well, Khloe Kardashian had an iconic way of taking her organizing to new heights. Take a clear jar or vacuum seal container & organize your cookies in a beautiful stacked array to showcase in your pantry. Now some people would probably say that making a display pantry isn’t their number one priority. However, this just adds to the ambiance of creating a clutter free space! Take it to the next level by organizing with clear acrylic containers. Section off your pre-packaged snacks in the way that makes the most sense to your needs. For example, keeping oatmeal packets with the granola bars for a breakfast section. Or, keeping your chips & crackers together; however you would like to spice up your containers! 

Condensing Is Key to Formality!


If you noticed, the main ingredient to creating this ideal space is by taking all the key components that add to your pantry, snacks, & drinks. Just remember, condense & create a home for all of your things. Including the items that live in your pantry!