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Mesa Falls Floor Plans Perks

Choosing the right apartment community is no small feat. However, even after you've chosen Mesa Falls Apartments, you still have to make some more major decisions. For starters, what floor plan catches your eye the most? If you're flexible, it can be challenging to choose the perfect floor plan for you. Here are the best perks about each floor plan we have.

Private Falls 
1 bedroom, 1 bathroom
690 SQ FT

The Private Falls unit is our only 1-bedroom unit, so that alone is a perk itself. When walking into the Private Falls unit, you'll see a spacious living room alongside a coat closet. The balcony in this floor plan is also slightly longer than some of our other larger floor plans. The major benefit of leasing a Private Falls unit in the bedroom.

The Private Falls bedroom holds the title of the largest bedroom in the complex. King, California King, and Queen sized beds all fit extremely comfortably in this room. This room also has a walk-in closet, and the bathroom is connected to the bedroom, so you won't have to leave your room to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Great Falls 
2 bedroom, 1 bathroom
890 SQ FT

Onto the next floor plan! The Great Falls unit is one of our most popular floor plans due to its layout. This floor plan features a spacious kitchen with an extended countertop for bar space and more than enough room to prepare and cook food. If you value having a separate, spacious dining space to host, this is the floor plan for you.

The Great Falls unit only gets better as you keep walking through it. A hidden gem of the Great Falls unit is its extra storage and pantry space. This unit comes with two separate designated spaces for laundry and storage items. 

Bravura Falls
2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms
890 SQ FT

The Bravura Falls unit is very similar to the Great Falls unit in a lot of ways, but the differences that set it apart make a major impact. The Bravura Falls unit has TWO bathrooms, one of which is directly connected to the first bedroom. These bathrooms can make a huge difference to renters. The living room is about the same spacious size as the Great Falls.

It also has even more cabinet storage space than the Great Falls floor plan does. The Bravura also has a coat closet which is extremely convenient. As always, it comes with a balcony and/or patio.

Luxury Falls
2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms
1100 SQ FT

Our Luxury Falls floor plan is nothing short of its name - it's luxury living. This unit comes with a fireplace and an oversized living room. Not only does this unit come with an oversized living room; it comes with an oversized refrigerator and bathroom counter and storage space.

The Luxury unit also has a coat closet, separate laundry room, and three large windows in the living room. The first bedroom suite has a huge walk-in closet with multiple shelves and it also contains three windows, similar to the living room, so there's always a lot of natural light.

Grand Falls
3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms
1100 SQ FT

Last but not least, we have the Grand Falls unit. This unit is just as large as the Luxury Falls unit, but its third bedroom makes it special. This floor plan comes with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and separate dining space. 
This unit still has a comfortable living room, oversized balcony, and a cozy bedroom suite. It has a separate laundry room, great for storage space. It also has the largest kitchen out of all the floor plans, and each of the bedrooms has at least one window.

Which Floor Plan Is Calling Your Name?

Ultimately, the choice is yours! Each floor plan has its ups and downs, but at Mesa Falls Apartments, we try to make sure it’s as perfect as possible for you before you move-in. Which floor plan is your favorite and why? Let us know in the comments below and follow us on Instagram.