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First-Time Renters Guide

House hunting is commonly talked about in the media through reality TV, knowing loved ones on the search for a home, or seeing friends find their ideal home on social media. Although house hunting is often referenced through the media, apartment hunting is less glorified. 

Apartment hunting in Rexburg can be as exciting as house hunting, especially for first-time renters. For many first-time renters, it's difficult to pinpoint what to look for in an apartment. Some features that bear little to no meaning to one renter may be exactly what another renter has been searching for ages for. Our Leasing Team has come up with five helpful renting tips for first-time renters looking for community or married housing in Rexburg, Idaho.

Tips On Finding Your Best Apartment Match

Do Your Research

Before applying for the first apartment community in Rexburg that pops up on Google, it's important to do research. Some of the best resources for apartment research are the apartment's official website, marketing platforms, and social media channels.

Rexburg apartment complex websites usually include their amenities, interior, and exterior features, rent pricing, application costs, and other helpful policies. The website will give you a lot of information about the community's rules and business hours as well. One of the best parts about apartment websites is the number of pictures they usually have, so you can see exactly what you'd be signing up for if you rent a unit there.

One of the newer forms of Rexburg apartment community research includes deep diving into their social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more. Additionally, ILS marketing platforms like Zumper, Zillow, Craigslist, and are all other useful social media outlets to check out. Looking at a complex's community through social media will help you get to know the apartment complex's management style. Not to mention, the channels will help you determine whether or not the complex will be a good fit for your own personality.

Look at Reviews

When trying to find the best apartment complex in Rexburg, it’s worth your time to look through their Google, Yelp, and website reviews. Reviews are a direct reflection of how the apartment community feels about the complex. When looking at reviews, it's important to focus on more than just the overall rating.

For instance, a Rexburg apartment community may have a low rating, but if you sort the reviews by their most recent and see a number of positive reviews about the complex, there's likely a reason behind that. Perhaps, the complex underwent new management or began focusing more on customer service. Regardless, we'd encourage you to focus on the most recent reviews considering that is a representation of what the complex's current state is. 

When it comes to reviews, be sure to read through the lines and follow your instincts about the complex. Everyone's experience is different, be sure to focus on what your experience could be like based on what you read from the residents themselves.

Schedule a Tour

After doing your research, don't miss out on a tour of the Rexburg complexes you're interested in! These days, most established apartment communities offer, both, virtual and in-person tours so there are multiple ways for you to see the complex in its fullness. Scheduling a tour will save you from playing the guessing game on what your unit and apartment community will look like and feature.

Tours can be especially helpful if you're on the fence about applying somewhere. Often, the leasing professional showing you around the complex will offer you special insights on the property that may be just a little harder to find elsewhere. Additionally, the team can also answer any questions you have while on the tour, so it will likely save you time in the long run.

Some leasing offices, like Mesa Falls Apartments, will also give you complimentary treats, so it's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Create a Pros & Cons List

The last tool to use when touring at different complexes is to create a Pros & Cons list. We're all familiar with these lists. In some instances, they can be useful and in others, they may seem like a waste of time. We can assure you those writing pros and cons lists while apartment hunting is highly necessary. 

After a day of touring multiple complexes, the details can get blurred. You may find yourself wondering, "Did Mesa Falls Apartments have that basketball court? Or was that another complex we looked at?" At the moment, you may doubt you'd mix complexes up, but by the end of the day, it's hard for anyone to distinguish every pro and con each complex had from another.

A pros and cons list will help you rank the complexes and see if the benefits outweigh the negatives of the complex you like the most. This list is an apartment hunter's best tool for success finding an apartment in Rexburg, Idaho.

Think Before Leasing

Before submitting an application, think about the apartment community. Did you enjoy the staff? Do you think you'll use the amenities? Did the apartment include most of the features you were looking for? After you think long and hard on if the complex meets your preferences, click 'Submit' on that application you're working on. If you followed these steps while exploring apartments, you likely won't regret it.