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DIY Apartment Decorations: Autumn Edition

With fall right around the corner, we have a lot to look forward to! Leaves that bring a whole new color palette to the area. The weather is not so hot, but not too cold. The fun events that you can't get any other time of year. An excellent way to kick off the season and spice up your apartment is with a DIY craft! Create something you can set around your apartment or outside the front door.  Seeing your Autumn crafts will get you even more excited for the next couple of months. (For those who are sentimental like me, these are a few decorations that are easy to part with or eventually expire.)

 Here are 3 DIY crafts that are fun for everybody! Invite some friends, neighbors, or family over and have as much fun creating as you can. Make sure to keep your eye on the last craft for a special treat. 

  1. Autumn Wreath


  • Foam circle from your favorite craft store

  • Ribbon or string 

  • Hot glue and gun or super glue

  • Twigs, acorns, pinecones, leaves, etc. 



  • Take your friends, family, or roommates on a walk through a nearby park. Pick up any acorns, pine cones, or leaves that you find. Put them in a bag and take them home with you. 

  • Gather your other supplies together. 

  • Tie your ribbon or string around a side of the foam circle. This is the top of your wreath. 

  • One by one, glue your findings together on your foam circle. 

  • Make sure the glue is dry by running your fingers over the entire wreath. 

  • Hang on your front door and enjoy your new favorite wreath!

  1. Thankful Tree 

  • Gather some twigs at the park and add some paper leaves with things you are grateful for. For extra fun, add new leaves every day to see just how much you are grateful for this season.


  • Twigs

  • Vase

  • Tape or clothespins 

  • Colored paper (dark red, orange, yellow, soft green, other Autumn colors)

  • Markers

  • Scissors 

  • Pencil



  • Gather twigs from the park. TIP: Wash them at home so as not to bring outside germs inside, and allow them a day to dry fully. 

  • Gather your supplies and get started!

  • Cut your colored paper into leaf shapes. TIP: cut out one page in the shape you want the rest and use it as a stencil. Use a pencil to draw the shape onto other papers. This is a good way to include multiple people in the project. 

  • Assemble your twigs in your vase 

  • Once you have cut out enough leaves to your liking, begin writing on them the things you are grateful for this Autumn season. 

  • Attach your leaves to the twigs with your tape or clothespins. 

  • You may consider writing one thing you are grateful for each day of the month or once a week. 

  • Put your tree on display in a place you won’t forget to read what you are grateful for. 

  1. Pumpkin Painting 




  • Pumpkin of desired shape and size

  • Acrylic paint

  • Paint brushes of assorted sizes

  • Any desired accessories (jewels, leaves, hats, etc.)

  • Design inspiration



  • Lay out paper or a tarp of some sort to protect the floor/ground from any paint spills. 

  • Pick your brushes and your colors

  • Create something beautiful on your pumpkin!

  • Take a picture of each individual pumpkin and send it to the Mesa Falls instagram by September 20th for a chance to win our pumpkin painting contest!


Special Treat: We will be holding a pumpkin painting contest over our Instagram! Send us your pumpkins by September 20th and we will put it to a vote for our followers. The winner will win 2 free day passes to the Archer Straw Maze!