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Apartment Style Living Here At Mesa Falls - Gardening Addition

There are a couple of things to think about when living in an apartment; What kind of deal will I be receiving by renting this apartment? What is the rental criteria? How much is the security deposit? One thing a few of us may ask is, where can I start a garden?


Living in an apartment can have green thumb perks too! Apartment gardens can be as exciting as having a home garden with just these few tips to get you started. We have already done the research for you. So here’s how you can utilize your balcony space & fill your heart with all the leaves, flowers, herbs, & all you desire.

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Decipher Your Lighting


The number one thing you want to scope out is light. Of course, it goes without being said that your plants will need some sunshine to thrive on your balcony. However, plants do have their own requirements for the amount of sun they need. By finding which part of your patio gets great lighting, you’ll be able to distinguish where you can arrange & organize your plants. 

By determining what kind of garden you are wishing to accomplish, you will then be able to highlight the focal points. 


Where Will Your Plants Go?


The next thing to think about is where you will be putting your plants. Since many balconies are enclosed, or higher than ground level, there’s only a couple of ways to inhabit your plants. First, the usual ‘Go-to’ method is decorative or terracotta pots. This is a great way to keep your plants happy & enjoy their view. However, another way would be a raised garden bed. If you are looking to create an herb garden, this is a great place to start. Having a raised garden bed allows the plants to be in one box collectively, optimize your time watering, & help keep a space for you to bask in their glory. If you are looking for more of the floral aspect of a garden, railing baskets are enjoyable for not only you but the neighborhood as well. These baskets are easy to install since they hang over the railings & a lot of the time you can purchase adjustable one’s from many gardening sections of the stores. To ensure no damage to your patio, be sure, whichever planters you decide to use, have proper draining ports. 

Protecting Plants Against Rexburg Winds


We know how Rexburg winds can be during the springtime. To better protect your plants, invest in some bamboo skewers. When planting, adding bamboo skewers next to the stalk of the plant will help avoid their breakage. Simply plant your skewer, tie with soft but sturdy rope (some people cut & use cotton cloth) around the stalk of the plant to the highest point of the plant. This will help better protect your plants from being carried off with the wind. That would be the last thing we would want.


Just Plant & Enjoy Your Rexburg Apartment Balcony


All of these are non-invasive, renter friendly, ideas to help you enjoy your balcony & plants all summer long. No need to be upset about not having an in-ground garden. Utilize your green thumb powers & have the best apartment balcony in Rexburg, ID!